Users are legal entities and individuals who use objects of copyright and related rights in their activities, in particular:

  • theaters;
  • philharmonics;
  •  organizers of concerts, entertainment and other public events;
  • owners of bars, restaurants, cafes and other catering enterprises, including companies that use karaoke;
  • movie theaters;
  •  radio companies;
  • broadcast organizations;
  •  cable television operators;
  • publishers;
  •  art salons, galleries of fine arts and other entities acting as professional intermediaries in the resale of works of fine art;
  • entities engaged in public transmission  of works, phonograms, videograms, audiovisual works for the public domain on the Internet.

According to Georgian legislation, users are obliged to pay a fee to copyright holders for the use of objects of copyright and related rights. 

If the right holder transferred the rights belonging to him to the management of the Association, the users must pay a fee for the right holder to the Association on the basis of the agreement concluded with the Association.