Innovations offered by the new association for copyright and related rights protection to Georgian artists

GERA, a new association protecting intellectual property operates in Georgia for 4 months. For this short period, GERA (Georgian Rightholders Association) became the sole representative of world’s leading recording labels, SONY, Warner and Universal in Georgia. And this means that GERA has gained exclusive rights on public performance and public transmission of the repertoires owned by these labels. Hence, all commercial entities intending to use the music of these giant companies have to cooperate with GERA.

In addition, over 70 Georgian authors became members of the new Association and they entrusted to GERA protection of their copyright and related rights. 

For monitoring of the repertoire of Georgian and foreign artists GERA applies the innovative technology – Rozum b2b player. All pieces on which the Association has exclusive rights (among them catalogues of Sony, Warner and Universal) are loaded into the device. The player is used for providing musical background at the leisure areas and registers which music was plaid at which site. This method is the most accurate and transparent one for registration of use of the musical works and distribution of the relevant honoraria. No such equipment has existed before in Georgia.

GERA is registered with the Entrepreneurs Registry and operates in accordance with the laws. No any license, permit or additional registration is required for operation of such organization. The law allows existence of two or more collective management organizations. This is in full compliance with both, Georgian legislation and international practice and European directives, according to which no author may be prohibited to leave any organization and join the other one as a member – stated Mr. Alexander Gvarishvli, Chairman of GERA Board.

 Before founding of GERA, the copyright protection was provided by GCA (Georgian Copyright Association). The organization was offered to introduce the innovative technology (Rozum b2b player) but GCA refused to cooperate.

GCA submitted claim to the court to prohibit existence of the alternative association in copyright sphere but the court rejected this claim.