GERA is holder of 85% of the foreign musical catalogues in Georgia

Recently, Marketer has introduced to the readers Georgian Association of Rightholders (GERA) – the newly founded organization for copyright protection in Georgia. Currently, significant part of the Association is introduction of Rozum b2b player – an innovative technology in Georgia. GERA intends to protect the rights of its members by means of this technology. In addition, the Association holds the copyright on the foreign catalogues. We asked Ms. Tato Gvarishvili, general director of GERA to provide the details.

For how long you hold the rights of various labels of the world on the foreign catalogues and how have you contacted them?

In 1 month after founding of our Association in March 2019 we made agreements with Sony, Warner Music and Universal. In the beginning of work in the copyright sphere we faced severe reality – this sphere was not sufficiently developed to make direct contacts with these three giant labels. Therefore, all attempts of contacting with them were redirected to the regional representation office. We work on this issue since the day of founding of the Association and we desire to make direct contacts with the head offices of the mentioned labels.

What percentage of the foreign catalogues is held by GERA?

Copyrights are classified as the copyright and related rights. Contracts can cover both of them, as well as either one, i.e. separate contracts on copyright and the other one on related rights. With two of three largest publishers: Warner Music and Sony GERA made contracts covering the copyright and related rights. As for Universal, with respect of related rights we hold 100% of public performance and public transmission rights. Overall, GERA holds 85% of total market.

Please, tell us about your future plans…

For these four months our Association has made agreements with about 150 Georgian artists and their number increases every day. We made agreements with Moldova, Kazakhstan, China and Turkey. We are engaged in negotiations with about 20 countries, including Japan, South Korea, Israel, Poland, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia etc. Our Association became the representative of the world’s leading labels in the territory of Georgia. Hot summer season is coming. We are not going to slow down and continue our work with enthusiasm.

So, Georgian artists will seeinteresting novelties, surprises and believe me, we shall be proud of the results that GERA will present in the nearest future.

Irakli Kakabadze – writer

Before GERA’s appearing rights of Georgian authors were violated. For recent 20 years Georgian authors, many others, like me, were indeed robbed. GERA presented most effective model for protection of these oppressed authors, not on paper but in real life. This is very important! As in Georgia the main capital is a creative capital.”

What you implied saying that Georgian authors were robbed?

Music and texts of Georgian authors, generally whole their art is used in numerous pieces of art all over the world. According to the international regulations, they had to inform us, Georgian authors and, most importantly, they had to pay us for this. But I, personally, have not received anything. Here I mean violation of international regulations. But even more important is that today Georgian artists, similar to the other post-soviet artists, both, old and young generations, are very poor. This must be ended and I believe, GERA, with its innovative approaches, will take care about welfare of Georgian artists.