Bravo Records and Georgian Rightholders association became the partners

Bravo Records and Primo music entered into new partnership. In synchronization sphere Bravo music will be merged with Primo music, this means effective management of the copyright and related rights of the company’s members. Goal of the partnership is bringing of Georgian musical industry to the new level and development of show business. Merger of these two organizations is performed by Georgian Rightholders Association (GERA).

“This day will make difference for the people engaged in Georgian show business. We have merged with Primo music in the sphere of synchronization. I think, this would allow placing of Georgian music at both, Georgian and international musical platforms, also engage in the other ongoing and related projects, such as festivals, concerts, presentations, publication of albums of different musicians. All these will be provided within the joint company. This partnership will contribute to formation of Georgian musical industry as a full-scale business “ – said Mr. Zaza Shengelia, President of Bravo Records.

In addition, these two companies will develop the other spheres as well, such as digital distribution of Georgian musical products at Georgian and international markets, arrangement of the live concerts and festivals, carrier management of the musicians, as well as their growth and maximizing of their incomes.

“For Georgian show business this would be shock-therapy and cause many positive outcomes, improved soundness and transparency, equipping with digital technologies. We have great plans and hopes” – said Mr. Alexander Gvarishvili, Chairman of Georgian Rightholders Association (GERA).

Mr. David Evgenidze, Georgian composer and musician attended the meeting. As he said, after in-depth familiarization of the documentation about GERA, his first negative impression about the organization changed and he joined it as a member.

“Protection of the authors’ rights is indeed significant for Georgia. I was one of the first persons with the negative opinion about existence of GERA in the beginning. This was an emotional background caused by mu attitude to Russia as occupant. Further, when I got the chance to get familiar with everything, at the documents’ level, I decided to become a member of GERA. My comment would be significant for the people who have heard and shared by negative attitude. All we are people and make mistakes. GERA is an international company whose members, together with the others are the Russians as well. I believe that GERA is ready for cooperation. And we are ready to serve to Georgia and all the people intending to do something good for Georgia” – said Dato Evgenidze.

We would like to remind that since 2011, Bravo Records is engaged in the musicians’ carrier development process in Georgia, it provides general management and manages their copyright both, in Georgia and abroad.

GERA is a newly established Association that has commenced protection of copyright in Georgia with the state of the art digital technologies and innovative approaches. Over 200 Georgian artists are GERA members.

In 2013, Bravo Records brought to Georgian market such large labels as Sony music, Warner, Universal and from May 2019, after entry of Primo music, a new musical publisher to Georgian market, the rights of these giant labels were transferred to it.